The Top Ten All Ages Movies

There are many types of movies, action, horror, comedy and drama. But the best kind of movie is the one that an entire family can enjoy at home. You do not want to have to censor a movie or turn your children’s eyes away when they are watching. Instead, you want to be able to relax, enjoy the movie, and let your children enjoy the movie as well. This is why I recommend these movies as ones that the whole (Read the article)

Movies That Won’t Embarrass The Parents Or The Kids

Movies That Won’t Embarrass The Parents Or The Kids

It’s not easy to find movies parents and kids can watch together. If a film’s raunchy, everyone in the family may find their cheeks reddening. Here are three intelligent films, however, unlikely to induce embarrassment.

Yes, the underdog sports story has been done many times before, but “Rudy” (1993) is still a classic of the genre. Rudy Ruettiger’s dreams of playing Notre Dame football in the early 1970′s strike nearly everyone he knows as preposterous – he (Read the article)

Movies To Watch With Your Children

Movies To Watch With Your Children

Some of the best movies to watch with your kids are those that sound themes of parent-child bonding, and of growing up, facing one’s fears and finding one’s place in the world. Such films foster deep discussions, and provide loads of entertainment in the process.

For younger children, animated films like “Dumbo” (1941), “Bambi” (1942), “The Lion King” (1994) and “Finding Nemo” (2003) introduce or reinforce, in delightful ways, the idea that parents will always love their children, but will not be able to solve all their problems for (Read the article)

Special Movies For Special Needs Children

We often don’t realize how different the world can be for children with special needs. Certain disorders such as autism and down syndrome can turn simply watching a movie into a torment. For some children the lights, action, and sound can be too intense and other children cannot sit still throughout an entire movie. Going to a conventional movie theater would be painful for them or cause an uncomfortable situation for them and others.

Many theaters are beginning to offer special movie showings for these children and their families.The full explanation can be (Read the article)

Good Movies for Family Night

A “family movie” is not necessarily always the universal term for a kid movie and if you look hard enough you can truly find some incredible films with a little something for everyone. You might even be able to find a few of these on the TV if you get your movie channels through places like http://www.directtelevisionpackages.com. I’ve made a few articles already about ideal kid and family movies, but today I would like to talk about a few you might not have considered.

1. Real Steel – You might not have imagined that a movie about “robot boxing” could be one of the best and most emotional family dramas of the year, but who could blame you for being repelled the way it was advertised. In short, Real Steel is an emotional underdog story about a man connecting with his estranged son and becoming a champion both in the eyes of his child and the world.

2. Hugo – Who would have thought that a movie about the history of movies could be so enriching? Hugo is a story about an orphan and his attempt to make sense of a harsh reality, and meeting a man who teaches him about the power of the imagination.

3. Super 8 – Although scary and intense at times, Super 8 is a modern day E.T. story about a group of children growing up and coping with the troubles in their lives. It’s all set against the backdrop of a mysterious alien presence that has infiltrated their quiet hometown.

Recommended Movies For Family Movie Night

Watching movies is a great way to have a fun night with your family. However, some movies can be very crude or contain subject matter that may not be appropriate for children of all ages. Even though the MPAA rates movies according to their content, some families may find that the ratings do not reflect their values. Fortunately, many family movies are available that are recommended for families and will not have any moments of awkwardness.

A good choice for a family movie night is any animated film from Pixar, such (Read the article)

Movies That Bring A Family Together

One movie known to bring families together is the classic movie “Old Yeller’. This very touching story is about the love of a boy and his dog. In the beginning of the movie you will find a family that seems to be stricken by poverty but making the best off it when the father has to leave in order to find work. Then one day a stray dog finds them and needs shelter.

The mother is very hesitant about taking on the mutt but sees (Read the article)

Family Movies That Have A Moral

Some of the best family movies have a moral woven into the story. This gives children both entertainment and a lesson for life.

One of the most recent films to do this is “Tangled,” put out by Walt Disney Studios. This film is not only entertaining and funny, but instills in children the message of being who you truly are. As Rapunzel finds the courage to get out of the tower and into the world, she discovers that she is more than her amazing hair. She (Read the article)

Family Friendly Movies That Aren’t Lame

A good way for families to spend time with each other is to sit down and enjoy a movie together. Most movies today are filled with bad language, sexually-enticing love scenes and violence. Fortunately, there are many family friendly movies to choose from that are not lame. “Toy Story 3″ is a great family-friendly movie. This film has won several award and has been acclaimed by both fans and critics. “Toy Story 3″ picks up where the other two films left off.

Another good family-friendly movie is “Are we There (Read the article)

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